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registrationWelcome to C.D. Fulkes Middle School!

Whether your child is transferring to our school from another school district, changing schools within Round Rock ISD, or starting school for the first time, visit the district’s Registration page to find useful information.


Change of Address:
Parents/Guardians with a change of residency, please present a copy of one of the following documents as proof new address is in the District and current school zone:
*Lease agreement, if renting
*Contract of sale or a tax statement, if purchasing
*Current utility bill indicating the address and the adult’s name

Should you have any questions please contact the Registrar,
Patricia Parks,
fax 512-428-3123


volunteer 2If you plan to be a Watch D.O.G., go on a field trip, volunteer in the classroom, or work with students, you must complete the online application AND receive approval. Online Volunteer Application.

Some helpful tips to remember when submitting your volunteer application:

  1. Please complete entire form.
  2. Select the school(s) where you would like to volunteer (you can choose more than one school).
  3. Please make sure that you click the SUBMIT button.

Thank you in advance for going through this process. We look forward to you volunteering at our school!

Free Classes for Parents at C.D. Fulkes

begin next Tuesday, August 30!

parents university 1617


(books are provided, all parents welcome)

As more classes become available we will let you know. THANK YOU!!!

What AVID Is:

• an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination

• an in-school academic support program

• for all students, but it targets those in the academic middle

What AVID Is Not:

• a remedial program

• a free ride

• a homework / study hall program


See Mrs Hemm for more information


email rebecca_hemm@roundrockisd.org

January 2017
Dear Parent,
Linked you will find a copy of the State of Texas 20 15-16 School Report Card for

C.D. Fulkes Middle School. This is a report required by the Texas Legislature and prepared by the Texas Education Agency. It is to be sent to the parent or guardian of every child enrolled in a Texas public school. The report provides information concerning student performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, as well as information on student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures.
The information contained in the School Report Card is required by state law and is
briefly described in the enclosed “2015-16 School Report Card Definitions.” The report
for our school may or may not have all the information described because the
information presented depends on whether the school is an elementary, middle, or high

State law requires that the school report card display information about the state, the
district, and the school. Where possible, the information must be reported by
race/ethnicity and socio-economic status of the students and must include at least two
years of results.

C.D. Fulkes English
Estimado Padre de Familia:
Adjunto a esta carta encontrara una copia del reporte de las Calificaciones Escolares del Estado de Texas 2Q15-16 para C. D. Fulkes Middle School. Estas Calificaciones Escolares son requeridas por Ia Legislatura del Estado de Texas y preparadas por el departamento de educacion estatal.  Este reporte debe ser mandado a los padres o al guardian/mentor de cada estudiante inscrito en una escuela publica. Estas calificaciones proveen informacion concerniente al progreso academico de los estudiantes y tambien otra informacion sobre su escuela como el numero de
estudiantes, tamaiio promedio del salon escolar, y gastos.

La ley estatal requiere que Ia informacion en estas calificaciones sea diseminada. Usted
encontrara una breve descripcion en e l adjunto “Definiciones de las Calificaciones Escolares 2015-16.  El reporte que ha recibido puede o no contener toda Ia informacion descrita en estas definiciones pues el reportaje de estes datos depende de si Ia escuela es una primaria, secundaria o preparatoria.

La ley estatal tambien manda que Ia informacion sea provista a nivel del estado, del distrito escolar, y de nuestra escuela. Esta informacion debe ser reportada, en tanto sea posible, por grupo etnico/raza y estatus socioeconomico de los estudiantes y debe de in cluir por lo menos dos aiios de resultados.

C.D. Fulkes Spanish

Here are the 2018 Choice Sheets for all new students to complete and bring with the following documents to C.D. Fulkes M.S. to complete your student’s enrollment. We will start new enrollments the 1st week of August.

Parents or guardians of new students must present the following items to complete enrollment:

1. Birth certificate (To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, see below),
2. Immunizations record [immunization requirements],
3. Proof of residence in the school district;
lease agreement, if renting,
contract of sale or a tax statement, if purchasing,
current utility bill indicating the address and the adult’s name.
4. Last report card or withdrawal form from previous school district and
5. Social Security Card (if available).

6th gradechoicesheets 2018

7th Grade 2018 Choice Sheet

8th Grade 2018 Choice Sheet

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